A team with a mission

We tell powerful stories that matter to your customers (and us)

We created Uplift in 2017 to do the kind of work that all of us cared about.

Amplify marginalized voices
Share stories with a heart
Build communities
Give back to the world
We're not in the business of selling at any cost or running after unrealistic, aggressive monthly numbers. We center people in everything we do and we love working with companies that share our ethos. Since inception, Uplift has worked on 7 award-winning campaigns and partnered with over 30 brands that do exemplary work in not just their fields but also hold themselves to the highest ethical standards.

It takes a village to do most things and we want to ensure that we're always giving back to that village.

Our story

Our startup goes live

We become a bonafide agency with a tiny team of 3 and then hire our first designer and developer.

Our first campaign

We create our first campaign for Kaleidoscope Tech and it goes viral

Our team grows

With a growing body of work, we bring more artists, designers, and creators on board.

We're featured in Grey Magazine

We earn our first organic feature in Grey Magazine as a creative agency
Thoughtful Growth

We're not expecting impossible standards

We apply the same metric of considered growth to our own organization and honestly, the numbers speak for themselves. In 4 years we've hit
Successful Partnerships
Impactful Campaigns

We're clear about who we're not and what we won't stand for

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Exploitative Practices

We won't 'make things happen no matter what.'

Inflated Metrics

Transparency is key. We'll never fake things to look good.


We commit to original work of the highest standard and giving credit where it's due.

Templatized Work

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

A Brilliant Team

Our Founder & CEO Hope Schneider spent over a decade working in creative agencies before breaking away to build Uplift. Our team of dedicated creatives and managers make up the heart of Uplift.
Get To Know Us
Hope Schneider
Founder & CEO
Sanjay Singh
Nozomi Sato
Rob Edochie
Nick Williams
Carlos Vasquez
Co-founder & CFO
Jackie Bennet,
Co-founder & CFO
Rebecca Jimenez
Marion Canet

We're always looking for new faces and fresh ideas

And we believe an agency is only as good as its team
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